Birštonas is the Fastest Growing Resort in Lithuania

According to the Department of Statistics on tourist flows in major Lithuanian resorts, the number of tourists in Birštonas has increased by almost 55 percent in recent years. Thus experiencing a real upturn the resort was visited by 110 000 tourists in 2017, and more than 71 000 tourists in 2016. Comparing figures for the year 2016 and 2017, an increase in the tourist flow is seen at other resorts as well, such as Palanga – (11.7 percent), Druskininkai – (0.6 percent). but none has matched the growth shown at Birštonas:
Growing tourist flows were influenced by Vytautas Mineral SPA, the new wellness and relaxation complex, which was recognised as the most innovative SPA centre in Europe and the most professional SPA centre in the Baltic States. The Pušynė hotel also opened its doors for guests. The range of the offered services was expanded; clients also appreciated clear and friendly communication.
With a wide range of services provided by the resort, the interest in Birštonas grows among tourists of all ages, and it is more appealing to visitors than any other resort in the country.
Free health promotion services in Birštonas are the chance to revive physical and spiritual strength without emptying one’s pocket. Almost all tourists visit the mineral water graduation tower which has a very unique design and is located in the central park of Birštonas. Mineral water flows down the tower, evaporating naturally from the impact of sun and wind. Healthy ‘sea’ air enriched with minerals can then be inhaled in the tower itself and within a 50-80 metre radius of it.
Foreigners are increasingly fond of Birštonas. Although there are not many in the overall visitors flow, but in 2017 the number of foreigners who visited the Lithuanian resort increased by 49.7 %  as compared to 2016.
Treatment services which cost less than in other countries are one of the reasons why foreigners favour this particular resort. It is interesting that Birštonas has other notable facilities that allow guests to spend time in pursuit of leisure activities: for example, strolls along the loops of the Neman in the Central Park, nature trails of Škėvoniai and Velniabliūdis, bicycle trails, Kneipp Gardenn Vytautas park as well as the “Versmė” mineral water spring.
The resort offers its visitors a unique experience in the natural surroundings and health-friendly climate all year-round. The town is ready to receive guests and provide high-quality treatment, dining, accommodation and other services at any time of the year.



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