Vytautas Mineral Spa – My Favourite Hotel in the Spa Town of Birštonas in Lithuania

From the outside the Vytautas Mineral Spa resembles a long-armed space ship that has carefully set itself down on earth beside a lake surrounded by luscious green parkland. It was hard to believe that I was within five minutes’ walk of the centre of Birštonas a pretty spa town in Lithuania,
When I entered the reception area I imagined I would find the captain of the ship at his controls above me. What I did find was a large, welcoming space with curving staircases leading up to the floors above. Under these stairs were two modern mineral water drinking fountains dispensing either ordinary mineral water or the special mineral water from its own underground source. Between the stairs a beautiful sculpture representing a humming bird was hanging in the void under the dome. It was an impressive beginning to my stay.
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Valery Collins


British Guild of Travel Writers


Savivaldybės biudžetinė įstaiga
Jaunimo g. 2, 59206 Biršton


Tel./Faks.: (8 319) 65 555
El. p.: sekretore@birstonas.l

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