2018-08-10 | On September 8-9th a great discussion festival “BŪTENT!” will take place in Birštonas: more than 200 speakers, 90 discussions!

The initiative to hold discussion festival “BŪTENT!” in Lithuania was inspired by the examples of Democracy festivals in all Scandinavian…

2018-08-08 | Health resort offers more than just a holiday

Health resorts offer more than just a holiday. They are also a place to relax, and be pampered. Sometimes it…


2018-08-08 | Up, up and away – a true wellness experience

 It’s a perfect morning in early summer and I’m drifting like a feather high above the beautiful Lithuanian countryside in…

Vytautas Mineral SPA4

2018-06-27 | Vytautas Mineral Spa – My Favourite Hotel in the Spa Town of Birštonas in Lithuania

From the outside the Vytautas Mineral Spa resembles a long-armed space ship that has carefully set itself down on earth…

DSC_0473_Paulina Kušnerovienė

2018-06-27 | Water and Whales in Birštonas, a Spa Town in Lithuania

Birštonas, a pretty spa town in Lithuania, nestles in a loop of the River Nemunas. It is a town within…

VG__8883_Viadotas Grigas

2018-03-27 | Birštonas is the Fastest Growing Resort in Lithuania

According to the Department of Statistics on tourist flows in major Lithuanian resorts, the number of tourists in Birštonas has…


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