Latvian flag flown over Birštonas from a hot air balloon to celebrate the centenary of Latvian independence

On 18 November, the neighbouring country of Latvia will mark 100 years of restored independent statehood and will complete the marathon of Baltic centenary celebrations. To mark this occasion, an event was organised at the Birštonas resort during which the Latvian flag was hoisted into the sky by the huge hot air balloon Birštonas. The filmed process and the striking images of Birštonas in autumn from above were complimented by words of congratulations which Birštonas Mayor Nijolė Dirginčienė delivered in Latvian:


“Dear neighbours, our brothers, the people of Latvia, it is a great honour for me to congratulate you all on this very special day – the centenary of the restoration of Latvian statehood. We celebrated this anniversary ourselves this year in Lithuania, making it a special year for all of us.


Birštonas is one of the oldest and most impressive wellness resorts in Lithuania, known for the uniqueness of its nature, its mineral water springs and treatment procedures. So on behalf of the Birštonas community, I sincerely congratulate you on this occasion – be healthy and may there be no lack of energy or positive emotions in your everyday life. You are always welcome in Birštonas!”


Hot air balloons in Birštonas are a long-time tradition and centrepiece – they are becoming an integral part of the resort. Symbolic celebrations and surprises are also often arranged employing the magic of hot air balloons; the colourful balloons scattered through the sky are not only a wonderful reflection of the spirit of the Birštonas resort – they also help form community and bring the locals together for common goals.




Birštonas is a unique Lithuanian resort town located in the loops of the River Nemunas. Some 82 per cent of the municipality of Birštonas is situated within the Nemunas Loops Regional Park.


The unique natural resources and incredible landscape have long lured holidaymakers to Birštonas and its surroundings. The forests that grow green in the meanders of the Nemunas were once the place of royal outings, when the hunting horn of Vytautas Magnus echoed through Žvėrinčius Forest to invite member of the European royal families of that time to set off in pursuit.


Known for its unique nature, mineral water, royal roots, and the winding loops of the Nemunas River, Birštonas is a Lithuanian resort that offers world-class wellness services. The resort is endowed with natural riches: abundant mineral water springs, therapeutic mud, clean air and a climate that is conducive to good health. The resort takes pride in its bromine-rich mineral water, which is recognized and valued throughout Europe.

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