The number of tourists visiting Birštonas has grown 40 per cent


According to data from the Birštonas Tourism Information Centre, the number of tourists who visited Birštonas grew 40 per cent in the first half of 2015, i.e. from 25,000 in January-June 2014 to 35,000 over the same period this year.

In addition to regular guests from Germany, Russia, Latvia, Israel and Belarus, guests from new areas such as Scandinavia, Estonia and Poland are showing growing interest in the resort.

Lithuanian tourists who come to Birštonas to relax usually hail from Kaunas and Vilnius. For the second year in a row, the Birštonas resort has been a holiday destination for guests from the seaside, with tourists from the district of Klaipėda becoming more and more noticeable.

“The period of positive changes is continuing in this resort that has become such a favourite among vacationers: new guest houses have opened, the resort’s hotels have been renovated, unique wellness services are being offered, and the number of people the resort can accommodate has nearly doubled.

The average length of stay of tourists in Birštonas is 3.6 nights.

“We are pleased that tourist flow has changed dramatically and is growing steadily; many of the tourists who come to Birštonas come back here regularly,” says Rūta Kapačinskaitė, director of the Birštonas Tourism Information Centre.

Birštonas currently has three health resorts which can accommodate nearly 900 people at a time.

Hotels, guest houses and villas, rural tourism homesteads and other lodging establishments can accommodate approximately another 1,000 people.

Accommodations in the private sector have also expanded: tourists are now welcome at five rural tourism homesteads and a campground.

The average length of stay of tourists in Birštonas is 3.6 nights.

The Birštonas resort offers its visitors high-quality medical and spa services at prices which are affordable to guests from both Lithuania and abroad.

Tourists are drawn to Birštonas by the variety of entertainment it has to offer: bike and boat excursions, skateboard and even longboard rental, day spas, and bakeries.

Special summer events such as the resort festival, hot air balloon competitions and jazz and classical music concerts also had a positive impact on the increase in the number of tourists.


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