Birštonas – Lithuania‘s Baden – Baden

Birštonas is one of the country’s oldest resort towns and is known for its natural mineral water, unique natural environment and peaceful ambience. Just an hour’s drive from Vilnius one finds an oasis of peace, harmony and incredible natural surroundings. Located along the Great Bends of the Nemunas River, Lithuania’s main waterway, and surrounded by lush forests, Birštonas has been known as a place for rest and relaxation since 1846. Over the years Birštonas has helped improve the health of countless patients and recharge the batteries of even more visitors seeking rest and recreation. An open mineral water evaporation tower with a mineral water fountain and a salt gallery has recently been built in the town’s central park. As mineral water flows down the tower, it naturally evaporates due to the impact of sunshine and wind, resulting in a salty mist that feels like sea air. The healthy sea-like air enriched with minerals can then be inhaled inside the tower itself and within a 50-80 metre radius of it. Breathing air saturated with salts is not only beneficial for people with various respiratory diseases; it also has a positive effect on the skin, making it smoother, brighter and more elastic. The meditative quality of watching the rippling water also calms the nerves and improves one’s sense of well-being. The water evaporation tower is just one of many mineral water related attractions in Birštonas. The town’s sanatorium also offers amber treatments, mud baths and other spa procedures. One can even taste the real non-carbonated mineral water in the sanatorium’s pump rooms. Most procedures offered in Birštonas are based on the so-called Kneipp philosophy, which Birštonas specialises in and is rapidly becoming a leader of such treatments in the region. Sebastian Kneipp was a German priest who in the 19th century perfected a unique approach to health and well-being based on five elements: water therapy, exercise therapy, plant therapy, balance therapy and nutrition. Wellness according to the Kneipp method strengthens one’s entire constitution, hardens the body and the soul, and bolsters the immune system.

Close proximity to nature makes Birštonas an attractive spot for active leisure. Cycling along the park lanes, kayaking in the nearby rivers, hiking in the surrounding forests – these are just a few activities on offer. Art lovers will appreciate an intense calendar of cultural events in Birštonas. The town hosts the oldest jazz festival in Lithuania and many classical music concerts. The well-preserved wooden architecture of the town makes Birštonas an interesting destination not only for strolls in the parks and nature, but also around the town itself. Those looking for a peaceful environment, balanced body and spirit relaxation will not regret choosing Birštonas as their destination.

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