Taking Pride in Mineral Water and Spa Treatment

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Birštonas enjoys the natural abundance of mineral water, therapeutic mud, clean air, spectacular countryside, and healthy climate. The resort is well-known in Europe especially for its mineral water, full of bromine. “Today, the reborn Birštonas lures its guests with the high quality services of wellness and health, modern health resorts and spas, such as “Tulpė”, “Versmė”, “Eglė”, the spa hotel “Royal Spa Residence”, and many more, and offers a great variety of activities and cultural events”, counts the advantages of the resort the Mayor of

Birštonas Municipality, Nijolė Dirginčienė. With each year, Birštonas becomes more beautiful for its reconstructed

buildings of wooden architecture, such as the Kurhaus and Tourism Information Center, as well as for its renovated Central Park that offers its visitors venues for entertainment and quiet spots for retreat. Well-equipped music halls with great acoustics hold concerts of classical music and jazz, as well as art exhibitions and plain-airs.

The mayor is convinced that the ambitious resort is a worthy competitor in Lithuanian and international tourism markets for offering an exceptional resort infrastructure with unique wellness treatments and recreational entertainments. For the convenience of its guests, Birštonas offers twice as much accommodation as it used to

have, and such novelties in Lithuania as the mineral water evaporation tower “Druskupis”, the Kneipp Garden, a mineral water pavilion, “Villa Birutė”, and other spa and wellness services in wellequipped facilities as well as in the open air.


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