The Exceptional Philosophy of Sebastian Kneipp

2015-04-30 11-33-37 author Rytis Seskaitis
The unique beauty of Birštonas vicinities has been reflected in the works of many poets, novelists, and painters. To preserve this beauty, the Nemunas Loop Regional Park, one of the largest regional parks in Lithuania with the territory of 27,000 hectares, was founded in 1992. It is only natural that the resort, having been situated

amongst such splendour, would follow the unique Kneipp philosophy that unites the five elements of natural wellness: the therapies of water, exercise, medicinal herbs, harmony, and healthy nutrition. Water cures everything – this unique philosophy of healthy living was invented and perfected by a German clergyman, Sebastian Kneipp,

in the 19th century. According to it, healthy living strengthens the entire body, tempers the body and soul, and improves the immune system. The S. Kneipp’s natural methods of tempering the body have been thoroughly studied and successfully applied in the hundreds of most famous resorts in Western Europe. Birštonas maintains close contacts and cooperation with many of those resorts. The following cities and towns are partners of Birštonas Municipality: Powiat Ełcki and Żnin in Poland; Leck, Germany; Sysmä, Finland; La Croix-en-Touraine, France; Bykle, Norway; Ashmyany, Belarus; Chiatura, Georgia.


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