Birstonas – is the source of balance writes Ieva Zamaraite

Birštonas is a small town in the heart of Lithuania, just 90 km from the capital city of Vilnius and 40 km from the second biggest city in Lithuania, Kaunas. Despite its small size, Birštonas has long been an important and locally-revered spa resort
The town has received many awards including the latest – which gave Birštonas the title of the Lithuanian destination of 2015.
Birštonas lies in picturesque and natural surroundings and 82% of its territory is in the 25,000 hectare Nemunas Loops regional park where Pine Forests cover nearly half of the municipality. The park aims to preserve the unique landscape formed by Lithuania’s biggest river – Nemunas.
As well as its fascinating landscape and natural surroundings, the resort is rich in curative mud resources and mineral waters, the latter being the essential element for the resort’s life. Residents and guests of Birštonas also enjoy clean and mild air enriched by phytoncides and light negative ions. It is said that after a few days in Birštonas one feels balanced, calm, relieved from stress and fatigue.
The philosophy behind the resort is that of one Sebastian Kneipp, a 19th century of natural medicine revolutionary. Kneipp paid attention to improving health through 5 main elements: water, plants, nutrition, exercise and balance. Based on his recommendations, Birštonas city opened Kneipp garden dedicated for procedures with cold water to strengthen one’s immune system. This philosophy guides the life and growth of Birštonas which seeks to be the ideal natural healing place.
One of the important elements in Kneipp philosophy is water which is aplenty in Birštonas. The oldest drinking mineral water company which started business back in 1924 is in Birštonas. The most famous Lithuanian drinking mineral water “Vytautas” is extracted here from 60 m depth. It is especially useful for one’s health since it naturally has high level of mineral substances.
Because of the mineral water sources Birštonas is a resort of sanatoria and spas typical of which are “Egles”, “Tulpe”, “Versme” and “Royal Spa Residence”
There are various types of treatments offered in local sanatoriums and spas, such as mineral water baths, various procedures with mud, mineral and fresh water swimming pools and sauna complex, therapeutic massages, halotherapy (salt cave), kinesitherapy, physiotherapy, aromatherapy, light therapy.
A special Amber spa sauna complex and treatments in medical spa “Egl-—” sanatorium won the golden medal in 2014 as the Lithuanian product of the year.
Birštonas has another unusual feature – a unique-in-Lithuania mineral water graduation tower “Druskupis” located in the central park of the town. Mineral water supply to this tower comes from one of the mineral water sources. Including a gallery of salts and a small fountain of mineral water. The water flows down the walls of the tower and it evaporates naturally due to the effect of sun and wind. One can enjoy the mineral saturated air not only in the tower, but also within 50-80 metres radius of it. As a Birštonas Tourism representative said:
“Breathing air saturated with salts is not only beneficial for people with various respiratory diseases – it also has a positive effect on the skin, which becomes smoother, brighter and more elastic from the mineral water. The meditation of watching the rippling water also calms the nerves and improves one’s sense of well-being.”
As Kneipp’s philosophy notes, another important element is exercise for which Birštonas has a lot to offer. Tourists can explore this green town by bicycle following one of many bicycle trails or take a longer route in the surroundings of the resort – a famous 15 km -½v-—rin-iaus forest road in the loop of Nemunas where in ancient days the royal family hunted.
As Birštonas is naturally focused on water and embraced by the river Nemunas amongst others, water tourism is well developed here. Local small businesses suggest taking a Nemunas boat trip or taking an adventure in a kayak!
The  picturesque surroundings of Birštonas make one curious to see how it looks from above. So now also tourists can rise above the town with the assistance of the enthusiasts of Ballooning club Audenis ( ). This summer Birštonas also invites everyone to come and enjoy the ballooning sky on July 4-10th since then the 2nd FAI Women’s World Hot Air Balloon Championship 2016 will be held.
There are other events for one’s body and soul, like the oldest jazz festival in Lithuania “Birštonas”.
Further information on the Birštonas Tourism website
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