Birštonas – the town that cures

 Known for its unique nature, mineral water, royal roots, and the winding loops of the Nemunas River, Birštonas is a Lithuanian resort that offers world-class wellness services.
The resort is endowed with natural riches: abundant mineral water springs, therapeutic mud, clean air and a climate that is conducive to good health. The resort takes pride in its bromine-rich mineral water, which is recognized and valued throughout Europe.
The Birštonas resort is located in the very centre of the country: the capital of Vilnius is 90 kilometres from Birštonas, while Kaunas is just 39 kilometres away, making it the closest resort to the Kaunas airport. Birštonas is an ideal place for rest and relaxation, the harmonization of body and soul, a healthy lifestyle, and sports and cultural events.
Birštonas embraces the unique philosophy of Sebastian Kneipp. This philosophy unites five elements of natural wellness: phytotherapy, hydrotherapy, nutrition, exercise and harmony. The resort offers a quiet, tranquil and clean environment where visitors can obtain quality services provided by the skilled professionals who work at the resort’s sanatoriums and spas. The resort features the Eglė, Tulpė and Versmė sanatoriums, the Royal Spa Residence hotel and spa centre, the Vytautas Mineral Spa wellness complex, as well as a number of cosy hotels and restaurants.
Visitors are attracted to the resort for its unique sites which practically every guest see, intentionally or not. The Druskupis Graduation Tower has garnered attention for its unique architecture and the ‘sea’ climate that it creates; this is a wonderful place to cool off and relax on a hot summer day as mineral water flows down the tower walls. The Birutės Vila mineral water pavilion is open to everyone who values the benefits of mineral water and its invisible but tangible effect on the body; the unique Kneipp Garden also welcomes visitors. Guests are always charmed by the resort’s beautiful wooden buildings such as the Kurhaus and the Birštonas Tourism Information Centre. Central Park features oases for both active recreation and quiet relaxation.
Nemunas Loops Regional Park, where Birštonas is located, is one of the country’s largest regional parks and was founded in order to preserve the unique landscape of the Nemunas River. Some 82 per cent of Birštonas is situated within this park. Extracted from the depths of the Earth, mineral water is the key to the existence and development of the Birštonas resort. Recognized and valued throughout Europe, the mineral water in Birštonas is abundant in bromine. You can also taste authentic, non-carbonated mineral water in the pump-rooms at various sanatoriums.
The resort provides a number of options for tourists who are in the mood for something active, including touring the picturesque environs of Birštonas by bike and taking spectacular trips down Lithuania’s longest river, the Nemunas. There is regular boat service between Kaunas and Birštonas. Those who enjoy active recreation are drawn to the resort by an abundance of fun activities such as cycling, roller blading, canoeing and wakeboarding.
Various Lithuanian, European, international and global cultural and sports events are held in Birštonas every year. The resort is famous for its subtle and unique cultural event style. Classical and jazz musicians who are true professionals in their field perform here, and unique new projects are presented; particular attention is given to putting the cultural programme together. The resort hosts sculpture, painting and photography workshops as well as various art exhibitions.
Birštonas – the town that cures. The resort’s motto is ‘Birštonas – your very own story’. This is a place where you can heal both body and soul and experience spiritual harmony.


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